Announcing the Central Wisconsin Action Camp!

Coming May 17th-20th, the Central Wisconsin Action Camp will bring together organizers and activists from the Great Lakes region to foster a culture of direct action through trainings, discussions, and workshops. We wish to challenge environmental and economic problems, including upcoming regional infrastructure projects like the Penokee Hills Iron Mine, Frac-sand Mining, the CAPX2020 transmission line, the Keystone XL and Enbridge Pipelines, Factory Farming and High Capacity Wells, the Kennecott Nickel and Copper Mine, etc.

Experienced trainers from organizations such as Earth First! Climbers Guild, Ruckus Society, Rising Tide!, Greenpeace, the Beehive Collective, RAMPS and Mountain Justice will be present to share the skills we need to effectively fight against these ecocidal projects.

Your ideas are needed! No special prior experience is required to participate. There are many simple yet important ways to contribute, such as sign and banner making and legal observation, but if you are feeling combative there will be climbing and blockading training as well.

To register for the action camp or for more details, please contact: centralwiactioncamp [at] gmail [dot] com

Workshop list can be found here.

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