Updates (May 6th)




In the Chequamegon National Forest, about an hour away (Northwest) from Wausau, WI. This is pretty “primitive camping,” people: that means no flush toilets, no electricity, no WI-FI, etc. You will need to make a light-hike in with your gear from the road. THE EXACT LOCATION WILL BE GIVEN VIA  EMAIL TO THOSE THAT HAVE REGISTERED, 5 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. 

Recommended gear: Tent, sleeping bag, tarp (not completely necessary, but you can’t go wrong with an extra tarp, they’re very lightweight), gallon of water, your own dishes (plate, spoon, cup or water bottle, bowl), boots, headlamp/flashlight, layers of clothing to stay warm, extra food and snacks.


There is going to be meals provided (vegan and gluten free options), but it is always recommended to bring some snacks for yourself. Also, any sort of food donations you could bring the day of would be a pleasant surprise.

Things we still need

– Three or four large serving spoons
– a couple of pairs of tongs
– a couple more large serving bowls
– two largish plastic tubs for washing dishes
– scrubbies and dish soap
– dish towels
– two large dish drying racks
– more cutting boards
– one large cast iron skillet
– Three or four large serving spoons
– heavy duty can opener
– larger cutting knives
– rubber spatulas and flipping spatulas
– cord to hang from trees for drying dish towls
– coolers
– lots’a tarps!
– lots’a Paracord/Rope

-big water containers, preferably the foldable kind made of soft, yet sturdy, plastic.

-EZ-up tent for the kitchen


Please no Alcohol. There won’t be “booze police”, knocking on your tent or inspecting your cups for the scent of liquor, but out of respect to those recovering from alcoholism we ask that you please please please refrain from getting wasted at this camp. This camp is less of a party and more of a place to learn skills to protect land and water.


Recent concerns that were raised by some attendees (pooping, trampling sensitive habitat, being tied up against their will while you’re at workshops all day, fighting with other dogs) has led us to strongly encourage you to leave your dog at home.

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4 Responses to Updates (May 6th)

  1. no good says:

    Lame. My dog is my pack, I should not be the only one learning.

    • “has led us to strongly ENCOURAGE [emphasis added] you to leave your dog at home.”

      Hey, if everyone agrees that they aren’t going to bring police to the site if their dog gets killed by another dog (like i’ve seen at a softball game before), go ahead. But the trainers and organizers don’t want to deal with mediating some dog-violence drama between their two human companions.. We are going to have an extremely busy and stressful weekend putting this on, and it’s just something we’d rather not deal with.

  2. brian says:

    Tieing the dogs up will prevent fights and trampling and confine the poop. But it won’t solve people who complain. Maybe you should post that they stay home.

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