• Climbing: This workshop will provide participants with a basic knowledge of climbing equipment, knots, safety and uses in direct actions. Plus, some fun climbing practice.
  • Banner Making: This workshop will give participants knowledge of the equipment needed for making a banner, techniques and  hands-on experience for creating a banner.
  • Blockading: This workshop will explore the basics of using blockades in an action. Participants will understand the basic techniques of blockading with equipment and without; and how to most effectively employ the tactic.
  • Media/messaging: We will cover how to create strategic and effective messaging for direct actions; how to engage with the media during a direct action; the components of compelling messaging; and how to target an audience.
  • Street Medic: Participants will receive a basic training in first aid that may be relevant to direct action scenarios.  This will include an overview of police weapons and treatment injuries from common less-lethal weapons like tear gas, pepper spray & tasers.
  • Direct Action Strategy: Participants will explore how to plan direct-action campaigns to be the most effective by considering aspects of location; timing; target; goals; and escalating tactics iveamong other things.
  • Legal (Know your rights): Designed to give participants a knowledge of what to expect in various situations involving the police, state officials and/or other law enforcement agencies.
  • Security Culture: Creating communities that can guard against state repression, surveillance and infiltration by government agents is key to successful resistance movements.  This workshop will focus on the cultural practices and customs needed to minimize the risk of activist arrests and actions being foiled by law enforcement agencies.
  • Solidarity/Allyship: Understanding that privilege and oppression can manifest themselves in direct action campaigns, this workshop will explore ways to confront oppression and build accountability, including identifying and working in solidarity with front line communities affected by environmental and economic problems.
  • Water Filtration: How to get clean drinking water wherever you are using simple, easy-to-find items.

7 Responses to Workshops

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  2. Lance Link says:

    Gawd I wish I was 20 years young again.

  3. Krow says:

    *There will also be a wild edibles workshop, and actual construction of a water filtration system for our camp, and any others you may be a part of in the future:), as well as an opportunity for all to help with digging/making the compost site for human waste!

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  5. Patricia (PK) Hammel says:

    Who’s doing the legal workshop?

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  7. Pax says:

    Are these workshops strictly for adults? If so, maybe consider one for teens interested in activism?

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